By now, you have read through reviews of multiple money transferring service providers such as Xoom, Cashapp, Zelle and Venmo. You may ask yourself, with all these options available to me, which one should I use? Well, all of them are good choices and provide different benefits. Of them all however, I find that Zelle is the higher tier of all of them. Here we will review how it compares with the competition in Zelle vs the Competition.

Ease of use

All of the money transferring services provide a pretty easy way of sending money to one another. Cashapp uses a $Cashtag to send money and while unique, it can be challenging to find someone if you accidentally misspell the $cashtag and don’t have the recipient saved in your contacts.

Venmo has a pretty easy way of sending and receiving money and allows you to send money by selecting a registered contact in your phone. The unique QR code feature works well with sending money to the RIGHT person. However, the challenge with this is venmo does not always sync with registered contacts which is upsetting.

Xoom isn’t complicated itself but I do wish it was a simple process like the others.

Zelle allows you to select from your contact list and always seems to sync properly. You can find someone through their phone number or email address and don’t need to have a username. Zelle’s ease of use takes the cake in this area.

User Interface

Cash App’s interface is pretty simple on the homepage. However, many users have found it challenging to locate needed things without scouring the app. Those things range from a ‘help’ option to where they can add their banking information for deposits and transfers.

Zelle has a simple homepage and has the send and request option along with a profile button to see your transaction history. Very simple and easy to use but not much to look at.

Xoom, a PayPal subsidiary, has a lot going on in the homepage. This can be a good thing if you want all the information about transferring money and all the places you can send it all in one place. But it can also become overwhelming if you want a simpler function. Reading everything all on one page can bring anxiety with feeling like you’re going to be trapped in something if you don’t read every detail on the home page.

Venmo, another product of PayPal by far has the best interface. It’s easy to use and everything is organized. Details are explained as soon as you register so it’s already covered. Any additional frequently asked questions can be found on the taskbar on the top right corner of the app. This takes the cake in this category.

Transfer Limits

Now here is where things can be complicated. Zelle is commonly integrated into your bank’s/credit union’s mobile banking platform. This allows them to set transfer limits which range from $1000-$4000 per day depending on your financial institution. Zelle's mobile app however, only allows you to transfer $500 weekly which is disappointing. There is no way to change this limit as it is set by the app or your financial institution. There is no limit on how much can be received.

Cash app and Venmo both have transfer limits of $7500 per day which is very useful. They also have no limits on how much money can be received daily.

Xoom however, takes the win in this category. They allow transfers of up to $60,000. Not often will you find yourself doing those kinds of transfers. If so, you may find it safer to send a wire transfer with your bank or credit union. But, it is a nice option to have available

Customer Service

From experience, I can acknowledge it is very easy to contact Zelle. They’re open 12 hours a day Monday through Sunday except select holidays. Xoom allows you to call or email and their contact centers are open during standard business hours which isn’t bad unless you require assistance afterwards. For Venmo debit card holders, you have a 24/7 call center available. If you don’t, you can only contact via chat.

The worst possible experience comes from Cashapp however when it comes to customer service. It’s almost impossible to get assistance as there is no phone number for Cashapp. They are a subsidiary of Square and you can only contact them with the chat feature or by contacting them via Twitter. This has frustrated many users such as myself as there should be multiple forms of contact for a money transferring provider with over 30 million users.


By a landslide, Zelle seems to have the best security features. This is due to the simple feature of syncing contacts and being able to send money exclusively with email or mobile phone numbers. There is no $cashtag you need to find someone like Cashapp offers. There is no username you need such as with Venmo. Xoom offers a nice bit of security with the questions they ask before you send money. They also offer a nice way to cancel the money if it hasn’t been sent within a set timeframe. Venmo does have the QR feature to accurately find recipients but this only works if you’re near the person you want to transfer money with so you can scan their unique code. The ease of being able to select the user from your contacts makes everything more secure as you should know exactly who money is being sent to.


Zelle expands its lead over the competition here. There is no fee at all to use Zelle. While none of the other money transferring service providers we mentioned have monthly or annual fees, they do have fees. Xoom is a bit different in that they inform you up front of the fees for transferring money and they work pretty similarly to MoneyGram. Cashapp and Venmo don’t charge money when transferring to someone else’s cashapp or Venmo account. However, when you deposit it into your personal bank account, you have the option of depositing it in 3 business days and paying nothing. Or you can deposit it instantly and pay $0.25 or 1% transfer fee, whichever is greater. This seems small but adds up quickly over time. It’s also an annoying fee.

Zelle is linked directly with your bank account so it doesn’t sit in your Zelle balance awaiting you to decide to transfer money into your account. It gets deposited in a matter of seconds when you are registered. This saves money and it makes for a pleasant experience.


All of these money transferring services are worth using. Cash app is one of the most popular money transferring services available and is pretty simple. Xoom is good for sending large amounts but does have transfer fees which is very different from the other apps which don’t charge for transfers. Venmo has the nicest interface by far. Very organized and the QR code feature has got to be the most unique of the apps. Zelle is efficient as it provides a simple interface, the security of selecting from your contacts and having no fees at all.

Regardless of which option you choose to use, they are all good. In Zelle vs the competition, Zelle stands out the most to me. It seems to provide all the features the other apps do but has its advantages as mentioned earlier. If you haven’t done so already, please review the other articles on CloudSwipe about these services.

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