The Sacrifices

As a small business owner, think of the one thing you would like for your business if anything. A large sum of Americans have said they would reinvest in their business according to an article on In fact, according to the survey as noted in the article of 400 self-identified small business owners, all of them described countless personal and financial sacrifices to build their business. Why, 47% said they’ve used personal savings to pay for one or multiple business aspects. And whenever they had extra cash, they were most likely to invest in their business rather than treating themselves.

As far as personal sacrifices go, 60% of the owners said
they only take one vacation per year and of that 60%, seventy-five percent
still work on it. SBO’s across the board missed out on social events and
hobbies due to focusing on building their business. How about you? Are you as
focused and determined on finding more ways to build your business? We have a
solution for you with CloudSwipe.

The Data

An article published in 2013 on shows data from Intuit which showed that 55% of the nation’s 27 million small businesses do not accept credit cards. And only 27 percent of purchases are made with cash. That was 2013! Imagine how much less cash is being used for POS transactions. Why is it that most SBO’s refuse to accept credit cards? The most common reason is fees, but with billions of dollars being added to the economy through card usage, most merchants are paying closer attention to accepting credit cards. Why not you? Do you need a place to start?

Investing in CloudSwipe

How would you like to make an investment that brings more
customers? How would you like to have a service that limits the amount of
visits you have to make to the bank and wait in the long lines to deposit? How
would you like to avoid chasing down people who have written bad checks? You
can invest in your business with CloudSwipe.

Benefits for your business

With the services at, your customers have their own portal to update their card information. With monthly subscriptions and services you provide, it can be challenging to contact your customers and either have them visit you or provide you with their account information over the phone. However, CloudSwipe’s portal gives your customers a convenient way of updating their new card information so as to prevent failed charges. Your customers will also receive courtesy emails informing them that their card is nearing expiration. Although you may not want them to, your customers will be able to sign in and cancel their subscriptions.

Bottom Line

These are excellent selling point for your potential customers who are debating whose services they will use. The convenience you afford your customers will likely bring in more business for you. In fact, another survey sponsored by Intuit found that 83% of small businesses that accepted credit cards saw increased sales. Fifty-two percent of those surveyed made at least $1,000 more a month and 18% made at least $20,000 more a month according to You are also afforded the convenience of not having to cancel subscriptions for your customers, giving you more time to handle other important business needs. What could you do with more time? Possibly take a real vacation and not work during your vacation?

It's important to invest in your business. And it’s just as
important to invest wisely in your business. One of the best ways to do so is
to invest in your business using CloudSwipe.

Give CloudSwipe a try…

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