1. Accept one-time payments.
  2. Accept recurring subscription plans.
  3. Accept PayPal and Stripe payments in a single form.
  4. Send emails to customers with payment links.
  5. Send customized receipt emails to customers.
  6. Allow customers to update their credit card information.
  7. Allow customers to upgrade or downgrade a subscription.
  8. Send specific data back to Stripe that customers cant see (Hidden form fields)
  9. Append parameters to the URL in order to pass data.
  10. Logical forms that compute a price based on customer selections.
  11. Logical forms that hide or show fields based on customer selections.
  12. Embeddable forms.
  13. Easy Styling ability for forms.
  14. Payment Methods
    • Apple Pay
    • ACH
    • 3d Secure
    • IDEAL
    • PayPal
    • Direct debit
    • Sofort
    • Giropay
  15. Paid Content pages
  16. Single forms that offer one-time, recurring options, setup fees, and custom amounts.
  17. Taxes
    • Dynamic based on location
    • Static / Global
    • Integration with taxjar or other providers
  18. Installments
  19. Custom subscription start dates (other than upon initial purchase)
  20. Multiple Currencies
  21. New User account setup upon purchase (WordPress)
  22. Shopping Cart functions
    • Inventory
    • Allow upsells
    • Allow Stripe cart in the browser
  23. Pass custom field data into the receipt.
  24. Pass custom field data into the success or failure pages.
  25. Allow customers to create multiple subscriptions.
  26. Allow customers to use multiple Stripe accounts.
  27. Allow metered charging.
  28. Allow authorize and capture.

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